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Vision Marketing CommunicationsAbout Vision Marketing

Vision Marketing Communications is a global distributor of digital print and web based marketing communication solutions that enable businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers. The cornerstone of our service is in the development of flexible and comprehensive web tools that provides a conduit for our client’s business requirements throughout their enterprise.

We focus on combining digital document management capabilities with digital printing and composition engines, repositories and ordering interfaces which provides our clients with the ability to create, produce and manage customized and personalized marketing communications.

Directed Technology

As an outsource provider, Vision Marketing has developed tools and technology that allows our clients to take advantage of high speed, high quality digital printing and distribution services that increase the effectiveness of marketing programs. A Web-to-Print document digital print solution will provide you with access to personalize and digitally print your marketing materials. The solution supports a wide variety of document types and delivery options, including corporate branded brochures, catalogs, flyers, announcement cards, event & tradeshow materials and business cards & stationery. The solution is easy to implement and can be developed usually in 30 days or less at a fraction of the cost of an internal program. The tremendous flexibility, rapid implementation and quality of output will help you immediately reduce costs associated with printing and distribution.

Service Value

An on-line print and distribution program can help with efficiencies with the following key aspects:
• Create process efficiencies for reduced costs
• Streamline the ordering process
• Improve performance with a library of artwork
• Enhance marketing efforts in creating the brand
• Free internal resources to focus on core business functions
• Increase the level of product quality
• Gain better control of all aspects of print distribution

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