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End-to-End Commerce through Technology Integrations

The technology platform that drives our on-line programs is the most sophisticated and comprehensive technology available. Through our partnership with the Cloud-Based technology company, Four51, Vision Marketing provides the right tools and services to create solutions for all of your B2B ordering and order management business challenges.

Work with your channel partners seamlessly through integration strategies that extend the use of the platform and help streamline workflows. Enable call center operations applications that automate complex ordering scenarios and put intuitive order entry into the hands of users themselves. Reduce error rates, ensure compliance, take orders 24×7 from around the globe, and reduce transaction costs while letting your call center reps handle more pressing customer service issues. Control your merchandising promotions, catalogs, pricing and all other aspects of the online order management experience to easily customize sites by company, partner, group or user…all within a single management interface that reports back to you with dashboards and data showing you what’s happening in real time.

ERP Integrations

Comprehensive tools and features allow for end-to-end integration with your systems. Receive order data and send back shipment data, manage catalog/user data, and build custom handling of the checkout process.

CRM Integrations

Whether it is Single Sign On Integration, a PunchOut Integration with your procurement system, or an integration with any other back office system, Four51 can work with your existing business infrastructure.