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Fastest Growing Applications for Digital Print-On-Demand

Fastest Growing ApplicationsWith the increased level of quality, ability to get a product to market quickly and the flexibility to variably print documents with a more personal message; marketing organizations are turning to web enabled print programs to assist them. The web store enabled programs offered by Vision Marketing assist our clients every step of the way from the initial program development and implementation to the on-going production and product distribution.

Applications are the drivers of the demand for print on-demand services and dictate the direction of programs in the future. As demand for specific applications change, due to reasons such as growth in usage, the demand for digital printing is expected to increase. The mix of digital production printing applications produced in the future will differ from the ones produced today. There is a clear shift in the market away from some transaction based applications, such as statements and notices, to promotional and publishing print as well as emerging segments which are showing rapid growth rates.